New website Ecommerce Europe Trustmark online

New website Ecommerce Europe Trustmark online

The Ecommerce Europe Association has released the new website for its Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. With the website, the pan-European online retail association wants to give consumers a place where they can read in full what their rights are and what commitments the online retailer has made.

The website of Ecommerce Europe Trustmark informs visitors about the trustmark, shows them the benefits and explains them how the trustmark works.

According to Ecommerce Europe, such a trustmark is really necessary in today’s ecommerce industry. “Lacking consumer trust in online transactions obstructs the growth of the European ecommerce market”, the association writes.  Back in 2014, the organization announced it would launch a pan-European trustmark. Now, national associations of Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland and Portugal are participating.

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Boosting trust in cross-border ecommerce
“In the rapidly expanding ecommerce market, it is more important than ever that online traders are transparent about their obligations towards the consumer”, explains Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe. “Our trustmark and its dedicated website give consumers peace of mind by allowing them to read in full what their rights are, and what commitments the online trader has made. This is essential for boosting trust in cross-border ecommerce.”

By clicking on the Trustmark logo, the consumer is directed to the Code of Conduct which obliges the retailer to use fair and transparent contract terms and to be transparent about the offer and prices before the consumer enters the order process.