NextSmartShip’s expansion into Europe

NextSmartShip’s expansion into Europe

NextSmartShip, a thriving Chinese fulfillment company, has taken a significant step into the European market by establishing a key office in the Netherlands. This marks the company’s inaugural presence in Europe, embodying the initial phase of their ambitious global strategy, with a planned expansion into the United States on the horizon.

Established in 2019, NextSmartShip has rapidly ascended in the logistics industry. They currently serve an impressive portfolio of more than 2,000 DTC brands and manage an astounding volume of millions of parcels annually around the globe. They are expanding their worldwide reach by opening their first office in Europe, supported by a strong network of 11 strategically placed fulfillment locations covering East Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.

‘The European office launch is a pivotal step in our comprehensive international strategy.’

Sunny Cui, European General Manager at NextSmartShip, shares: “We anticipate a flourishing trajectory towards an international business. The European office launch is a pivotal step in our comprehensive international strategy. A third office in the United States is slated for launch by the end of this year.” The European Office of NextSmartShip is partnering with, the biggest Dutch ecommerce association.

nextsmartship and
NextSmartShip partnering with Pictured: Arthur Vastenholt, Partner Manager at and Sunny Cui, European General Manager at NextSmartShip.

Absence of minimum order requirements

The absence of minimum order requirements is one distinctive feature of NextSmartShip’s customer-centric strategy, which embodies their dedication to empowering their customers. In addition to a broad range of customized solutions encompassing the entire supply chain management, they offer multiple shipping channels and 24-hour customer support.

By strategically extending into Europe, NextSmartShip is able to tap into local expertise and provide better customer support and customized solutions. They demonstrate their commitment to this market by aligning their services with European culture and preferences, building relationships and trust with potential customers.

Leveraging location in China

Leveraging their prime location in China, where approximately 90 percent of ecommerce products are manufactured, NextSmartShip maintains a competitive advantage. With a distinctive edge over their European competitors, they facilitate seamless communication with manufacturers thanks to a local workforce and a warehouse in China. They also offer valuable insights into product sourcing and selection.

‘NextSmartShip also offers sourcing services.’

Additionally, on top of fulfillment services, NextSmartShip offers sourcing services, enabling businesses to organize their supply chains by sending orders directly to customers from manufacturers. This strategy not only decreases inventory waste but also improves supply chain management’s general flexibility, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices and effective operations.

The Chinese warehouse and the core team of NextSmartShip in the Shenzhen office in China.

Prospects on the horizon

Looking forward, NextSmartShip has exciting prospects on the horizon, with scheduled participation at the Madrid Tech Show from October 30-31 and the Webwinkel Vakdagen from January 23-24, 2024. Significantly, they’ve launched a European partnership drive, encouraging ecommerce stakeholders to come together for collaborative innovation and transformative ideas.

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