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Number of online marketplaces in DACH region more than doubled

The amount of online marketplaces in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has increased significantly in the past five years. In 2015, there were only 81 online marketplaces, but nowadays there’s 173 of them.

Five years ago, only two online marketplaces were really significant within the DACH region (which consists of Germany, Austria and Switzerland). And too bad, but these aren’t even local marketplaces. For years, it was Amazon and eBay who dominated and dictated ecommerce in the DACH region with their marketplaces.

More competition for Amazon and eBay

But nowadays, with much more of these retail platforms active, Amazon and eBay are slowly getting more and stronger competition, even from local platforms. Ecom Consulting made a poster which shows all the names that were active in 2015 and the online marketplaces that are up and running as of today.

From 81 in 2015, to 173 in 2020

In the poster, you can count 81 online marketplaces for the year 2015, with most of them being business-to-consumer platforms. Five years later, there are 173 online marketplaces, based on this poster. Once again, it’s mostly b2c platforms that can be found in this industry.

Online marketplaces in the DACH region 2015-2020.
Online marketplaces in the DACH region 2015-2020. Source: Ecom Consulting