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October: ecommerce events in Europe

September was a very busy month when it comes to ecommerce events in September. Luckily there are still some nice and interesting events, conferences and exhibitions left for October. We made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event in Europe takes place.


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October 4: The Future of E-Commerce Delivery – The UK

The Future of E-commerce Delivery will focus on how retailers and delivery players can improve their service while ensuring value for their customers.

More info – Visit the website

October 5: eRetail Europe – The Netherlands

eRetail Europe is a one-day event and is part of the Amsterdam eWeek. The event is invite-only.

More info – Visit the website

October 11: eDelivery Conference 2016 – The United Kingdom

eDelivery Conference will explore how the infrastructural aspects of multichannel retail are creating new capabilities to turn into customer promises.

More info – Visit the website

October 12: InternetRetailing Conference 2016 – The United Kingdom

InternetRetailing Conference, held for the 11th time, will explore the new horizons the modern retailer can scan to satisfy the demands of the connected, savvy customer.

More info – Visit the website

October 12-13: NEOCOM – Germany

NEOCOM is a 20-year-old event about ecommerce and multichannel retail, which will welcome over 5,000 visitors, 220 exhibitors and 1,200 decision-makers.

More info – Visit the website

October 18-20: eTail Nordic 2016 – Denmark

eTail Nordic is a Nordic ecommerce event for senior ecommerce and mltichannel directors of leading retailers. 80 speakers and 400 attendees are expected.

More info – Visit the website

October 25-26: Nordic eCommerce Summit – Sweden

Nordic eCommerce Summit is an English-spoken event about “the people behind ecommerce” in the Nordics.

More info – Visit the website

October 27-28: Cross-Border Summit 1to1 – Spain

Cross-Border Summit 1to1 is an international event hosted by the Spanish consulting and service company Club Ecommerce.

More info – Visit the website

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