Octopia Fulfillment to enter the UK and Germany

Octopia Fulfillment to enter the UK and Germany

Octopia Fulfillment, a logistics service provider from France, has announced that it will open new warehouses in the coming months. The company will launch warehouses in the UK and Germany, as an addition to its warehouses that are currently active in France and Spain. The expansion will further solidify the company’s logistics network.

Octopia is a global marketplace solution that offers sellers and retailers a variety of technological and logistical solutions. It has a scalable technological platform for sellers to build their ecommerce website and manage their logistics, while also offering a dropshipping solution with over 100 million products available.

Network of warehouses in Europe

Octopia Fulfillment is the company’s fulfillment solution. With a total warehouse space of 540.000 square meters, online sellers are able to hand over their logistics processes. Octopia Fulfillment stores the seller’s products and handles the complete delivery process.

‘Octopia Fulfillment has a total warehouse space of 540.000 m².’

Currently, the company delivers to 21 countries in Europe within 1 to 5 days from their Spanish and French warehouses. In the coming months, Octopia Fulfillment will open new warehouses in the UK and Germany.

‘Helping sellers grow their business’

According to the company, using a fulfillment partner can help sellers achieve lower costs, ensure reliability and save time. “A fulfillment partner can achieve faster deliveries and higher reliability than a seller might if doing it on their own. Thanks to the reach and scale, fulfillment partners can also help sellers reach new markets and grow their stock. This makes it easier for an online retailer to grow their business”, says Ben Hamilton, Fulfillment Director at Octopia Fullfilment.

‘Delivery is becoming the key decision factor in online shopping.’

“More and more, delivery is becoming the key decision factor in online shopping. When delivery options don’t suit the customer, they abandon their shopping cart. With more delivery solutions available to end customers, online sellers can avoid this problem.”

The company is proud to say that it delivers 99.7 percent of parcels on time. To achieve this, the company uses robots and 3D packaging machines in their warehouse. “We have built strong partnerships with transport companies and put in place efficient monitoring tools that enable us to meet our delivery deadlines even in periods of high activity.”

Greener industry

Sustainability is a very important topic for most consumers across Europe, but according to Octopia Fulfillment, there is still a lot to be done in the industry to become greener. “We have been using electric fleets for several years, 3D packaging to reduce wasted space and our packaging is also reusable. These sort of innovations need to become mainstream, to ensure that the growth of ecommerce is supported by sustainable developments that reduce harm to our planet.”



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