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Onfleet translates its driver app in Spanish and French

Logistics management software Onfleet has gone international. The American SaaS platform is focusing more and more on Europe and other continents and has now made its driver app and website available in Spanish and French.

Ecommerce and on-demand businesses use Onfleet to manage the last mile delivery process. Customers can easily track their drivers, dispatch and communicate status updates. The company has now translated its app in Spanish and French, so it can help drivers who may be not be fluent in English.

“Over the last year we have been building out our platform as well as adding many new customers, ranging from startups to enterprises with hundreds of thousands of monthly deliveries, and we’re now excited to have a critical mass of international clients using the technology”, says CEO and co-founder Khaled Naim. “We are translating our driver apps to better support and expand our customer base in Europe, Latin America and beyond.”

In France, companies such as Frichti and Nestor make use of the Onfleet platform, while in Spain Lola Market is one of its European customers. The Spanish online food shopping site is able to deliver groceries in one hour and saw significant savings in operational costs after using the Onfleet platform. “With their application, we were able to scale our business and improve our service”, says Lola Market’s CEO Luis Pérez del Val Sheriff. “Their analytics help us to detect ways to improve efficiency and provide excellent service, saving us up to 30 percent in operational costs.”

About Onfleet

Onfleet is a software-as-a-service platform that offers logistics management software for ecommerce and on-demand businesses. It was founded in 2013 in the US, but now has customers in over 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond.