Online retailers open E-commerce Park in Sweden

Online retailers open E-commerce Park in Sweden

E-Commerce Park has officially opened its doors. This new initiative will provide online merchants with the opportunity to benefit from the economies of scale that takes place when warehousing, logistics, knowledge and skills get shared.

Ecommerce companies that are growing, may encounter a variety of obstacles while scaling up the logistics, operations or warehouse. Precisely, these are the problems E-Commerce Park of Sweden in Helsingborg wants to solve, as writes. Dan Nilsson, founder of the ecommerce community and news site, is one of the people who is involved in the project.

Focus on ecommerce
In the E-Commerce Park, online retailers can focus on their core business, without worrying too much if office locations or warehousing space will suffice. “Among other things, by using a flexible storage center that makes it cost effective for e-retailers, you don’t have to commit yourself for long periods to too large or too small surfaces.” Karten Deppert, one of the initiative’s founders, has said they start with about 2,000 square meters of office space and 5,000 square meters of warehouses.

Strategic location
According to, placing the E-Commerce Park in Helsingborg was an obvious choice, mainly thanks to the city’s strategic location for shipments within Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe. Both the co-working spaces and the logistics operations are right next to the harbor, making it easy to use terrestrial transport and ships for receiving containers.

Ecommerce Park in Sweden
Ecommerce Park in Sweden

“We collect energetic entrepreneurs under one roof, providing increased creativity and effective solutions”, says Amelie Lidén, operations manager of E-Commerce Park. “The park will become a place where the future of ecommerce gets formed.”

But the E-Commerce Park will not be only about the economies of scale with regards to warehousing and logistics, it will also become a place for sharing ecommerce knowledge. “Our hope is this will also benefit traditional stores”, says co-founder Dan Nilsson. “We want to increase knowledge about ecommerce, so more people can take advantage of its opportunities.”

Ecommerce clusters in Sweden claims that so called ecommerce clusters are growing in Sweden. Two years ago, the city of Kalmar announced they want to become the country’s ecommerce mecca, with several succesful websites (Bygghemma, Royaldesign, Designonline and Outnorth) being from this region. The city soon begins to build a 5,100 square meter big ecommerce cluster outside Ängelholm. This also has to become a place where ecommerce companies can interact with each other in areas such as warehousing and distribution. The ecommerce cluster should be running in February 2016 and within five years it should provide 400 new jobs.


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