Ecommerce in Sweden: 11.8 billion euros in 2023

Ecommerce in Sweden: 11.8 billion euros in 2023

Online net sales in Sweden reached 11.75 billion euros last year. This is a slight decrease, of 2 percent, compared to a year earlier when net sales reached 12 billion euros. However, it seems that annual net sales in the country are stabilizing.

These data come from PostNord’s annual report on ecommerce in Sweden. It includes data on the online sales of goods. Services and B2B sales were not included.

‘Focus on profitability’

“2023 began with declining growth rates, inflation and increasing interest costs, which resulted in ecommerce shifting its focus from growth to profitability. Swedish low-cost market participants did well and we saw increased competition from global companies”, said Marie Rudolfsson, head of Parcel at PostNord Sweden.

Ecommerce in Sweden decreased 2 percent compared to 2022.

During the second half of the year, sales recovered slightly. This resulted in a total of 11.75 billion euros in net sales (133 Swedish kronor). Compared to 2022, this is a decrease of 2 percent. However, in 2022, net sales decreased 7 percent compared to 2021. According to the report, it seems that the future of ecommerce in Sweden is looking a bit brighter.

Differences in growth rates per sector

When looking at the different sectors in the industry, slight differences in sales growth rates can be seen. The beauty sector grew by 18 percent in 2023, compared to a year earlier. It reached net sales of 353.4 million euros (4 billion Swedish kronor).

The online pharmacy sector in the country follows in second place, with a growth rate of 17 percent. It generated net sales of 1.06 billion euros (12 billion Swedish kronor). The clothing & footwear sector grew 3 percent, with net sales of 1.7 billion euros (19 billion Swedish kronor).

The online hardware sector in Sweden decreased 19 percent compared to 2022.

Other sectors all showed declines in net sales. The sector that decreased the strongest was Hardware, with a decline of 19 percent. It generated 618.4 million euros (7 billion Swedish kronor).



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