Posten Norge tests parcel lockers in Norway

Posten Norge tests parcel lockers in Norway

Posten Norge has started a pilot project in Oslo with 100 parcel lockers across the city. The test is meant to provide insight for the further rollout of a new parcel locker network in Norway.

The pilot project will be carried out over the next six months and happens in cooperation with SwipBox. This Danish parcel locker company had a similar experiment going on in Denmark, with the end result being that PostNord installed 2,000 parcel lockers across the country.

Pakkeboks in Oslo

Now it’s time for consumers in Norway to test and see if the parcel lockers are here to stay. Since yesterday, consumers living in and around the capital city are able to access up to 100 new parcel lockers, known as Pakkeboks.

Tone Wille, CEO of Posten Norge, has big expectations of the new parcel lockers. “Time is valuable and our customers want more flexibility, which is why it’s important that we adapt to their needs.”

It’s important that we adapt to the customers’ needs.

The parcel lockers can be opened with an app that communicates with the ‘Pakkeboks’ through Bluetooth. The SwipBox-developed lockers run on batteries, so there is no need for an external electricity source or internet connection.

‘Excited to present it to the Norwegians’

“Pakkeboks is a new concept that we are excited to present to the Norwegians, and which we have already been testing in Denmark under the Nærboks brand”, Swipbox CEO Allan Kaczmarek says.

In the near future, it will be possible for consumers to use the lockers to return parcels to online shops or to send parcels to other individuals.

A 'Pakkeboks' locker in Oslo, Norway.
A ‘Pakkeboks’ locker in Oslo, Norway.

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