Posti will open largest parcel locker in Europe

Posti will open largest parcel locker in Europe

Posti will open the largest parcel locker space in Europe. On March 12, the current space in the Munkkivuori shopping center in Helsinki will be turned into an OmaPosti kiosk, while the number of available lockers will be doubled.

When the expansion is done, the site will accommodate 1,002 lockers. According to Posti, this will make the space in Helsinki the largest parcel locker in Europe and also one of the largest in the world.

The world’s largest parcel lockers can be found in Finland, China, and Germany. The currently largest Posti parcel locker is located in Tampere, Finland.

Of course, it’s in Finland

It’s no surprise that Europe’s largest parcel locker space will arise in Finland. Parcel lockers are the most popular way of receiving items in the Scandinavian country. Last year, 87 percent of Finnish consumers received a parcel through this delivery method at least once. And to put this number in perspective: the corresponding figure in other countries is 40 percent, on average.

87% of Finns received a parcel in a parcel locker.

One of the largest parcel locker networks in the world

At the moment, Posti has 2,150 parcel lockers across Finland, but it wants to ramp this number up to 4,000 in the near future. The company claims its parcel locker network in Finland is already one of the largest ones in the world in relation to the population.

“The Parcel Locker capacity and parcel routing are among our most important development areas this year”, Arttu Hollmérus, SVP Parcel & eCommerce at Posti, says. “We constantly monitor the situation in different areas and customer feedback concerning parcel pickup and search actively for new customer-serving solutions. The expansion in Munkkivuori is a good example of this.” When the new parcel locker in the Helsinki shopping center opens, customers can access the self-service area every day.

Earlier this week, Posti announced it will invest 100 million euros to grow further.


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