PostNL opens up lockers to other carriers

PostNL opens up lockers to other carriers

Dutch logistics company PostNL is opening up its network of parcel lockers to other carriers in 2023. Additionally, the company will expand its network of 400 parcel lockers to 1,500 lockers by 2024 across the country. The move will make it easier for consumers to receive and send parcels.

The Dutch postal company, PostNL, has been expanding its network for some time. This summer, it opened 350 pick-up points in Belgium. Now it has announced plans of expanding its automated parcel locker network.

Expansion of locker network

Currently, there are over 400 lockers on several locations. Most of these lockers are available to customers 24/7. By 2024, the company wants to expand its network to 1,500 lockers across the country. The goal of the expansion is to make lockers accessible to more Dutch consumers.

‘To enhance the customer experience, we are expanding our number of parcel lockers.’

“Consumers like to use the PostNL parcel machines and find them extremely user-friendly. To further enhance the customer experience, we are therefore now busy expanding the number of PostNL parcel lockers and are working towards opening them up”, explains Barry Husman, Director Retail Benelux at PostNL.

Building a new platform

The new lockers will not only be available to PostNL. The carrier is currently building a new platform which will enable other carriers to connect to the parcel lockers. According to the company, this will accelerate digitization in order to offer consumers a better customer experience.

‘Carriers will need to pay a fee when booking a locker.’

With the new platform, consumers will be able to pick up parcels from multiple carriers at one location. Carriers who want to use PostNL’s network, will need to pay a fee when booking a locker. The fee depends on locker size and the amount of days that a package stays inside the locker.



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