Romanian ecommerce association ARMO joins Ecommerce Europe

Romanian ecommerce association ARMO joins Ecommerce Europe

The Romanian ecommerce association ARMO has joined Ecommerce Europe, one week after it joined EMOTA, another pan-European ecommerce association. It’s the first time ever a national ecommerce association has joined both umbrella organizations.

There are currently 19 national ecommerce associations that are affiliated with Ecommerce Europe. Florinel Chis, the executive director of ARMO, is happy to be part of this umbrella organization. He says it’s a step forward for the Romanian ecommerce industry, as they now have access to the European ecommerce landscape.

“Joining Ecommerce Europe was a natural step and we are positioning the fast-growing Romanian ecommerce sector on the EU map. We appreciate the work Ecommerce Europe is doing, including research papers and data, position papers and the contribution to increasing trust in ecommerce with its Trustmark”, he said.

Joining Ecommerce Europe was a natural step for ARMO, but joining its kind-of-rival EMOTA seems that as well? Last week, news came out the Romanian ecommerce association joined EMOTA, making Romania the 17th country to join this other umbrella organization.

Ecommerce in Romania

As Ecommerce Europe writes, Romania is a fast growing ecommerce market in Europe. Last year, the online retail industry increased by 24.2 percent to 1.4 billion euros. The total value of the ecommerce sector in Romania is forecast to reach over 2 billion euros this year.

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