Sendcloud integrates with Mirakl Connect

Sendcloud integrates with Mirakl Connect

As of today, Dutch shipping software provider Sendcloud integrates with Mirakl Connect. The integration allows for easier selling on platforms and fast, flexible delivery. Marketplace sellers can now manage all their shipments in one place.

According to research by Schlesinger Group, at least 70 percent of consumers find shopping on online marketplaces the easiest way to shop. Commissioned by Mirakl Connect, the research agency interviewed 9.000 consumers all over the world about their shopping habits and preferences.

Automating logistics across platforms

Pricing (62 percent) and product range (53 percent) are among the most important reasons for consumers to choose marketplaces. Another one is delivery experience (43 percent). This is reason enough for shipping platform Sendcloud and Mirakl Connect to integrate their solutions. Online retailers can now automate their shipping process, while also managing their logistics across multiple marketplaces.

‘Pricing, product range and delivery are crucial.’

Users will now get access to over 80 parcel carriers, various shipping options and automated tracking updates. “Consumers demand competitive pricing, a large variation of products and fast delivery times. Shipping is crucial in this process. Our partnership with Sendcloud makes it easier for merchants to meet marketplace shipping requirements”, said Alexandre Dauber, Senior Vice President at Mirakl Connect.

Marketplace requirements difficult to meet

“Many sellers are struggling to meet the new standard of fast and flexible delivery”, said Rob van den Heuvel, CEO and co-founder of Sendcloud. According to him, the main stumbling block is that each marketplace has its own requirements in terms of carriers, delivery options and delivery time. The new integrations ensures that marketplace sellers can easily offer different shipping options and manage all their shipments in one overview.



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