Shipping software Ingrid launches in the Netherlands

Shipping software Ingrid launches in the Netherlands

Swedish shipping software platform Ingrid is launching in the Netherlands. Retailers using the software can choose from more than 400 shipping options and carriers, in 80 countries and 42 languages, and add them to their online store. It is the company’s first international expansion.

Founded in 2015, the Swedish company says that it already has more than 250 retailers as customers, such as NA-KD and Hatstore. Consumers can choose from multiple carriers and delivery options in these online stores, such as home delivery, parcel locker delivery, and more. This makes the shipping software similar to Dutch competitor Sendcloud.

‘Higher conversion rates’

Retailers set the price per delivery option. According to Ingrid, the software leads to higher conversion rates. “At Ingrid, we understand retailers’ need for new revenue streams and shoppers’ demands when it comes to personalization,” said Piotr Zaleski, CEO.

‘With our versatile delivery strategy, retailers can refine their pricing strategies.’

“This versatile delivery strategy helps retailers refine their pricing strategies while building customer loyalty, better shopping experiences and avoiding free shipping tactics.”

Funding of 21 million euros

According to Ingrid, the company has already processed over 130 million orders in Sweden. In March, the company raised 21 million euros. At the time, it already announced that it would expand across the Nordic markets, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Eventually, it wants to become a market leader within Europe. Now, the first international expansion has become reality, in the Netherlands.

‘The Dutch retail environment provides fertile ground for Ingrid’s innovative solutions.’

“The Dutch retail environment, known for its strong ecommerce growth, provides fertile ground for Ingrid’s innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. With Nordic expertise and the recent investment from Verdane and Schibsted Ventures, Ingrid is ready to conquer the Dutch market and accelerate further expansion.”



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