Shopify shuts down Exchange Marketplace

Shopify shuts down Exchange Marketplace

Leading ecommerce platform Shopify has shut down its Exchange Marketplace on November 1st. Merchants who want to sell their Shopify store will now have to use other marketplaces. The app, data and listings have all been deleted and are no longer accessible to merchants.

Merchants who use ecommerce software from Shopify are no longer able to use the Exchange Marketplace. It launched in 2017 and was an app where users could buy or sell ecommerce brands. It is unclear why the app has shut down.

‘App fully decommissioned’

Shopify warned users that all sales and store transitions needed to be finalized by November 1st.  “There will be no exceptions for stores that are not sold by this time. This app will be fully decommissioned upon this date and will no longer be accessible to merchants”, said the software provider.

‘All data and listings on the app were deleted.’

“All the data and listings on the app will be deleted. We’d encourage merchants to exchange contact information with any buyers they may be currently discussing sales with.” To sell their Shopify store, merchants will now need to look for other apps or marketplaces.

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Shut-down of Shopify-plugin Oberlo

It is not the first time that Shopify delists an app of its own. Earlier this year, it shut down its well-known dropshipping-plugin Oberlo. At the time, the company said: “Product deprecation, which is a routine occurrence, is in pursuit of providing merchants with the best solutions to reach their customers wherever they are.”



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