Stoov launches in France and Denmark

Stoov launches in France and Denmark

The Dutch online seller of cushions with infrared heating, has entered the French and Danish market. In addition to these countries, the company is already active in Germany, Belgium and Austria as well. Due to its fast growth, Stoov won the number one spot in the Dutch CrossBorder Top 30.

Stoov was founded in 2014 in the Netherlands. The company designs and manufactures cushions with infrared heating. The cushions are sustainably made and, according to Stoov, stylish.

70% of sales are cross-border

Since 2014, the company has been growing throughout Europe. In 2020, it raised 1.3 million euros in funding through investors and crowdfunding. Over 70 percent of its sales are cross-border, most of those are to German customers. In the past year, Stoov was able to grow with a factor 15.

‘It’s time to conquer the rest of Europe.’

But the company is planning to keep expanding. “It’s time to conquer the rest of Europe. This week we launched in France and Denmark. But wherever there are seasons, in Europe, you can expect us within two years”, said founder Teun van Leijsen.

Revenue grew 456 percent

With a revenue growth of 456 percent in one year, Stoov won the Dutch CrossBorder Top 30. This is an event organized by Dexport and Twinkle, which are an online marketing specialist and online magazine, respectively. The ranking shows which Dutch online sellers have the fastest cross-border growth.

Stoov had the fastest cross-border growth.

Companies are ranked by their revenue growth percentage in the previous year. To be taken into consideration, they need to have reached a revenue of at least 100.000 euros by cross-border sales. Companies also need to sell within the Netherlands, they can’t purely be cross-border sellers.

On That Ass was on the company’s heels, with a revenue growth of 450 percent. This is the second year that On That Ass achieves that growth and takes the second place. A newcomer in the top 3 is Laudermarke, that had a revenue growth of 380 percent.



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