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Turkish online retailer Hepsiburada helps female entrepreneurs

Turkish online retailer Hepsiburada helps female entrepreneurs

Hepsiburada, the biggest ecommerce company in Turkey, has introduced a new program, which will help 1,000 women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through ecommerce. The Technology Power for Entrepreneur Women Program offers free online stores, but also gives assistance with sales, operations, marketing and logistics.

The scheme gives female entrepreneurs also commission discounts on sales and delivery logistics, dedicated training and consultancy support with regards to entrepreneurship and ecommerce. And as it uses the resources, experience and connections of the major Turkish online retailer Hepsiburada, the female entrepreneurs will have access to a market of over 18 million monthly online shoppers.

‘Modern economy should harness power and influence of women’

“As a female entrepreneur myself, I understand not only how hard it can be, but also how important it is for a modern economy to harness the power and influence of women”, Hepsiburada’s CEO and founder, Hanzade Doğan Boyner, says. “We need transformation, where women lead the way on the path of becoming an entrepreneurial, competitive and strong country.”

According to Doğan Boyner, the participation of women in the workforce and ratio of entrepreneurship is not at desired levels. ” It is our duty to guide entrepreneur women; create the necessary conditions, and offer them the necessary tools to succeed.”

85% of women-founded businesses close within 3 years

Hepsiburada opened its own online marketplace back in 2015 and back then it was thrilled to be contributing to opening up the commercial potential of Turkey to the world. Now, the ecommerce company want to enrich this opportunity with extra advantages for women and increase the number of female entrepreneurs. Right now, there are over 110,000 female entrepreneurs in Turkey, but 85 percent of businesses founded by women are closed within 3 years.

About Hepsiburada

Hepsiburada was founded in Turkey in 1998 and has become the biggest ecommerce website in the country. On average, it welcomes over 21 million visitors per month, while it sells 4,5 million products in 30 different categories. With a distribution center of 100,000 square meters, Hepsiburada also has one of the largest ecommerce operation centers in Turkey.