Direct Link launches in Turkey

Direct Link launches in Turkey

Logistics provider Direct Link has announced its launch in Turkey. The company is owned by PostNord, the Swedish and Danish national post company. It is already globally active, but will now also set up operations with local personnel.

The Nordic logistics provider Direct Link specializes in customer-specific delivery solutions and distributes products all over the world. It has operations and local personnel in Sweden, Germany, the UK, Poland, Brazil, the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. In March, the company launched operations in the Netherlands and it is currently doing the same in Turkey.

Turkish ecommerce market

According to the company, ecommerce in Turkey has strong potential. The country is the 18th largest market for ecommerce with a revenue of 14.7 billion euros in 2021, according to research. This was an increase of 38 percent when compared to the year before.

Cross-border potential

yigit cevik
Yigit Cevik: Direct Link Growth Manager in Turkey.

In 2021, 40 percent of the Turkish population bought at least one product online. Direct Link expects that the number of online consumers within the country will grow to 58 million by 2025. “The domestic market in Turkey has boomed within the last five years, however, the cross-border market is still in its early stages”, says Yigit Cevik, Direct Link Growth Manager in Turkey.

‘Turkish cross-border market is in its early stages.’

In 2020, 10 percent of Turkish online consumers made cross-border purchases. With its global solution, Direct Link expects that this will grow too. Local sellers will be able to ship internationally using the logistics provider’s network.

‘Strategic sourcing country’

At the same time, other European sellers can take advantage of shipping possibilities and send their parcels to Turkish consumers. “Turkey has the potential to become a strategic near sourcing country for European sellers, which could have a drastic impact on the status quo. As Direct Link, we would become the first settled commercial post player in the Turkish market.”

‘We could become the first settled commercial post player in the Turkish market.’

“Direct Link is a company that is willing and working hard to transform and grow. This is the utmost challenge of almost all organizations today. However, we have some serious advantages: our ‘people first’ oriented focus which you can truly feel within the organization, on top of that the strong-rooted values of PostNord and the flexibility of Direct Link and you have the key to success.”



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