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UK fashion retailer New Look launches online shop in Germany

The British fashion retailer New Look want’s to further benefit from the German market and has launched a local online shop. The company wants to get a share of the online fashion market in Germany with its wide product range and a daily selection of new styles.


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Fashion United shared the news Friday, thereby sharing the company’s announcement that worldwide delivery is free for all customers until 1 October, to celebrate the launch of the German ecommerce website. When this period is over, delivery within Europe is only free if a customer orders something with a value of at least 35 euros.

About New Look

New Look was founded in the United Kingdom in 1969 and grew to become a leading fast-fashion brand, with 578 stores in the UK and 270 across Europe, China and Asia. In 2007, the British company started its ecommerce business, with the online shop It ships to 120 countries worldwide and accounts for 13 percent of total sales.

New Look Deutschland