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Vente-Privée acquires online wine store Le Petit Ballon

Vente-Privée has acquired Le Petit Ballon, a French ecommerce website that sells wines on a subscription basis. The French shop sells over one million bottles a year and will further boost Vente-Privée’s wine sales.


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It’s unknown how much Vente-Privée paid to get a majority stake in Le Petit Ballon, but fact is the French wine store will further expand Vente-Privée’s share in the online wine business. The online shopping club already sells about 5 million bottles per year, which corresponds to almost 5 percent of the company’s annual revenue.

For Vente-Privée, the acquisition of Le Petit Ballon is just one of many acquisitions led by the French ecommerce company. These are just some of its latest acquisitions:

About Le Petit Ballon

Le Petit Ballon was founded in 2011 and sells bottles of wine on a subscription basis. At the moment, Le Petit Ballon has about 60,000 subscribers and 8 million euros worth of revenue. The website delivers in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom and has a physical store in Paris.