Worten launches its marketplace in Spain

Worten launches its marketplace in Spain

Worten, a popular electronics retailer from Portugal, has completely renewed its ecommerce website in Spain. Worten.es now includes an online marketplace which allows customers to access over 700,000 new products in over 30 categories.

The launch of the online marketplace in Spains follows after the same was done in Portugal. “We have made a great investment and bet on the improvement of our ecommerce operations in both Spain and Portugal“, Pedro Devesa, head of digital at Worten, says.

An extra 700,000 products on Worten.es

“With the renewed Worten.es website we will reach over 8 million visits per month, an Iberian showcase without precedents”, he added. “And as we already did in Portugal, the Spanish website now has a marketplace with over 700,000 products, which broadens and reinforces our offer. It also provides more options to our customers and hundreds of sellers who are already present on our platform and who will be able to sell their products with the guarantee of Worten and access to extra services such as our contact center.”

Worten itself sells mostly household appliances and electronic products. By opening the marketplace, the ecommerce company now offers a great number of different articles, from movies and toys, to beauty and heath products.

In Portugal, the marketplace accounts for 20% of total sales

In Portugal, the Worten Marketplace has yielded some very positive first data. Since its opening, the revenue of Marketplace products have accounted for almost 20 percent of the total sales of the Portuguese Worten website. In Spain, just in the first month, marketplaces sales already reached 7 percent of online sales in the country.

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