Zooplus revenue €2.1 billion in 2021

Zooplus revenue €2.1 billion in 2021

Popular German online pet supply store Zooplus has increased its total sales to 2.09 billion euros in 2021. This is a 16 percent growth when compared to a year before. The company lost market share to Fressnapf, but expects to increase sales to 2.3 billion euros in this year.

After a takeover by Hellmand & Friendman and EQT last year, the online pet supply store has been through even more changes. In January this year, it was announced that its share will no longer be admitted to trading on the stock market. The company is planning to double its revenue by 2025 and return to the stock market with a higher valuation.

Revenue growth in European countries

In its home country, the company increased its sales with 15 percent to 455 million euros. In Switzerland, it generated 80 million euros. In Austria it generated 58 million euros in sales. The company released these figures in a sales update for its shareholders.

‘Zooplus generated sales of over 100 million euros in 8 different countries.’

It also generated sales of over 100 million euros in 8 different countries, which it had not been able to do in this many countries yet. It is also the first time that it has generated that amount of revenue in Belgium and Spain.

Competition in Germany

While Zooplus is still growing significantly, it has lost some of its market share to Fressnapf. The omnichannel German competitor in pet supplies was able to generate 246 million euros in online sales last year.

‘The new owners want Zooplus to use market opportunities.’

Critics suggest  that Zooplus would have been able to grow more if it had used a stronger growth strategy. However, the company has also announced that its current CEO, Cornelius Patt, is stepping down. The new owners want to make more use of new market opportunities, while the CEO wanted to optimize the existing business further. It seems that the company will be focusing on growth in the years to come.



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