63% Dutch biggest online stores are custom-built

63% Dutch biggest online stores are custom-built

Within the top 100 of the biggest online stores in the Netherlands in 2023, 63 percent was custom-built. A year earlier, the amount of these kinds of stores was still 55 percent. Compared to 2020, this is a growth of 50 percent.

These findings come from research conducted by 3WebApps, a company that optimizes Dutch online stores running on software from Magento. Since 2020, the company has analyzed which ecommerce software, content management systems and hosting parties are used by the 100 biggest online stores in the Netherlands.

Growing amount of marketplaces

According to the data, there is a growing amount of custom-built online stores in the top 100. And last year, 15 percent of these custom-built stores was a marketplace. Compared to 2020, that is a growth of 200 percent (when only 5 percent was a marketplace).

15% of custom-built stores in the top 100 are marketplaces.

Given that consumers often start their online search for products on marketplaces, it is not surprising that Dutch online sellers are using this business structure more often. Almost two thirds (64 percent) of Dutch consumers prefer to buy at online marketplaces. And more than half (54 percent) of all online purchases are placed at a marketplace.

8% of biggest online stores use Magento

The research also shows that 8 percent of the top 100 online store used Adobe’s Magento in 2023. A year earlier, that number was at 7 percent. SAP was used by 2 percent, which was a decline compared to 2022 when 6 percent of the biggest 100 stores were still using this software program.

One online store in the top 100 is running on ecommerce software from Intershop.

For the first time, stores in the top 100 were using Shopware, Mirakl, Webflow an Pattern in 2023. None of the biggest online stores used Amplience, Prestashop, AbleCommerce, Sitecore, Chameleon or Novomind last year. In previous years, these software providers were included in the list but they have now disappeared. And ecommerce software provider Intershop has only one online store left in the top 100.



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