Belgians spent €7.2 billion online in H1 2022

Belgians spent €7.2 billion online in H1 2022

Consumers in Belgium spent 7.22 billion euros online in the first half of this year. This is a growth of 30 percent when compared to the same period a year ago. Ordering on a smartphone is becoming increasingly popular.

€86.2 on average per purchase

On average, Belgian consumers spent 86.2 euros on an online purchase. These findings are from the new BeCommerce Market Monitor. The research looks at the current situation of ecommerce in Belgium.

‘Belgians have spent 30% more in the last six months than in the same period last year.’

“Our figures show that Belgians have spent 30 percent more in the past six months when compared to the same period last year”, said Sofie Geeroms, managing director at BeCommerce. “We notice that ecommerce is growing even in times of crisis. People may be looking for bargains and those can be found online.”

Expensive orders paid with credit card

Half of all online purchases is paid for via Bancontact. But when ordering more expensive services, such as Travelling (48 percent) and Non-packaged Airline and Accommodation (53 percent), consumers turn to credit cards. When buying tickets to Attractions and Events and Transport, Belgians use Bancontact Online.

Bancontact Online is used in 51% of online purchases.

The most commonly used payment methods for online purchases in Belgium are Bancontact Online (51 percent), credit card (17 percent) and Paypal (12 percent). Only 3 percent of the total purchases are settled via a bank statement. Alternative payment methods such as Klarna (2 percent) and payment options from Apple, Google and Samsung also remain limited.

Laptop most popular device

Most online purchases are completed on laptops, but the smartphone is gaining popularity. It was used for 25 percent of all online sales. When compared to 2018, it has doubled in popularity. Over one third of all Belgian online shoppers used a smartphone to place an online order at least once.

According to the report, laptops were used for online orders worth 105 euros on average. The device is also most often used purchase travels (50 percent), transport (43 percent) and tickets to attractions and events (43 percent). Orders on smartphones cost 58 euros on average.

‘The user-friendliness of smartphones has an effect on the use of consumers.’

“It is clear that the improved user-friendliness of the smartphone and the emergence of various apps from online stores also have an effect on the use of consumers. Going forward, we expect to see ecommerce growing ever stronger and becoming an established value.”



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