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Coolblue opens first physical store in Germany

Coolblue opens first physical store in Germany

Dutch omnichannel retailer Coolblue will open its first physical store in Germany at the end of this year. The white goods and electronics retailer will also open five more stores in the Netherlands and Belgium this year.

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When the new stores have been opened, Coolblue will have 22 physical stores across three different countries in Western Europe. The store in Germany will be 2,600 square meters big and enables consumers to see and try over 1,000 electronic products, to get advice, to have their purchases repaired and to pick up their online orders. The Coolblue store will open in Düsseldorf, in shopping mall Kö-Bogen II.

The Coolblue store will open in Düsseldorf, in shopping mall Kö-Bogen II.

Coolblue’s infrastructure in Germany

With the opening of its first German stationary shop, Coolblue continues to build its own infrastructure in Germany, with its own delivery and assembly service CoolblueLiefert, its own bicycle delivery service CoolblueRadelt, its own customer service and now the physical stores.

Aside from opening the first physical store in Germany, Coolblue will open another five outlets in the Netherlands and Belgium, the markets where it is already present.

‘Customers want to try products out first’

Customers often know what product they are looking for, but they want to experience it for themselves. When customers need a new TV, they want to try it out first. When looking for a new pair of headphones, they want to try them out first and see how they look when they are worn”, CEO Pieter Zwart explains.

We are planning to open more stores.

“In the Netherlands and Belgium, we have made customers very happy by allowing them to experience products in our stores. Before the end of the year, this will also be possible in our largest store in Germany. And this store opening is just the beginning: we are planning to open more stores.”


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