DHL tries out crowdsourced delivery in Sweden

DHL is experimenting with a package delivery system in Stockholm, based on crowdsourcing. Via an app called MyWays ordinary people are used to deliver packages to (other) end consumers. Through DHL Freight’s network of service points in Sweden’s capital the service let consumers specify a time and place for delivery, as well as the fee offered for delivery.

When a consumer has bought something online he can specify the delivery options and once this is registered in the system, the package will be available to other Stockholm residents. These people can pick up the package from a DHL service point and deliver the goods at the specified time and place. In return they get the fee the original consumer negotiated with DHL.

With the app, DHL is targeting people who regularly drive past a DHL service point and who don’t mind making a retour for some extra income. To us it sounds this could come in handy for students or people who have trouble get a job. “This is what makes the platform so unique”, says Peter Hesslin, CEO at DHL Freight Sweden. “As soon as the package arrives at one of DHL’s collection locations, the recipient and the deliverer confirm the fee and delivery details, all within the mobile app.”


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