‘Amazon and Ikea dominate European online furniture market’

‘Amazon and Ikea dominate European online furniture market’

Amazon is the largest online furniture retailer in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. In France, the American giant lags behind Ikea, which also ranks in the top three in other major European countries. Only in Germany does a local player, Otto, lead the market.

This is reported by Fox Intelligence in a quarterly update. The furniture market has seen significant interest in recent years, according to the research firm: “Post-pandemic repercussions have sparked a keen interest in the furniture market. Whether it is a new sofa, garden furniture, redecorating, or purchasing plants, the goal was clear: upgrade your home and feel comfortable – significantly impacting the furniture market.”

Ecommerce gaining ground

Consumers are spending more of their furniture budget online, even after the pandemic, according to Fox Intelligence: “Although furniture purchases are still heavily favored in physical stores, ecommerce is gaining ground year after year.” In 2024, furniture buyers highly value personalization, delivery options, and product sustainability.

Marketplaces in particular benefit from online growth, as Fox’s figures show. This forces established players to explore new paths: “Since the pandemic, the landscape has shifted”, the researchers state.

‘Since the pandemic, the landscape has shifted.’

Traditional sector players had to rethink their strategies to adapt to new consumption modes. For example, Maisons du Monde launched its marketplace in 2022.

Top online furniture players

Fox Intelligence has compiled a top 5 of online furniture retailers in the five largest European markets. Marketplace giant Amazon and Europe’s cross-border top seller Ikea lead the top retailers in France, Italy, and Spain. Especially in Spain, Amazon’s dominance is significant, with a market share of 45 percent according to Fox Intelligence. In the United Kingdom, local player DFS occupies the second place between Amazon and Ikea, while in Germany, Otto still surpasses both companies.



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