Google to comply with EU consumer information rules

Google to comply with EU consumer information rules

Google will provide more transparency for consumers buying products through the company’s ecommerce platforms, such as the Google Store. The tech giant is doing so to comply with rules set by the European Union. However, the company still breaches EU laws on geo-blocking.

In recent years, Google was investigated by European consumer authorities led by Dutch watchdog ACM and the Belgian Economic Inspection. The company was made to comply in order to avoid further investigations and fines.

More transparency on ecommerce platforms

Now, Google has agreed to make changes to its ecommerce products and services. For example, it should become easier for shoppers in the Google Store and Google Play Store to find out information about the seller. There will also be a limit on Google one-sidedly cancelling orders or changing prices in the Google Store. Prices on Google Hotels and Google Flights also have to be more transparent.

Geo-blocking still violates EU laws

Aside from these changes in consumer transparency, Google also breaches EU laws on geo-blocking. Namely, European consumers can not purchase certain goods when they are temporarily in another EU member state.

Google breaches EU laws on geo-blocking.

According to Google, users can change their country of residence once a year to get access to local apps and games. However, the European Commision writes, this may result in losing previously acquired content and outstanding credit.

‘Call on Google to comply fully’

“The commitments are a step in the right direction.”

“EU consumers are entitled to clear, complete information so that they can make informed choices”, Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders from the European Commission says. “The commitments made by Google are a step forward in this direction. We call on Google to comply fully with the Geo-blocking Regulation, ensuring that consumers can enjoy the same rights and access the same content, wherever they are in the EU.”

European consumer authorities are said to monitor changes made by Google and ‘enforce compliance where concerns remain’.



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