La Redoute launches website and app in the Netherlands

La Redoute launches website and app in the Netherlands

French ecommerce platform La Redoute has launched a dedicated and independent Dutch website and app. It is the first international site opened by the company in ten years. The company wants to reach a target of 26 million euros in sales by 2026 in the Netherlands.

La Redoute is a French fashion platform. In March last year, it was announced that the company was fully acquired by the Galeries Lafayette group. Now, the company is reinforcing its position in the Netherlands, by launching a dedicated online store and app in the country.

200,000 customers in the Netherlands already

The ecommerce platform was already active in the Netherlands. Dutch consumers could place orders with La Redoute Belgium as of June 2019. According to the company, it already reached nearly 200,000 customers in the country by the end of 2022. Its Dutch business reached 10 million euros by that time.

‘La Redoute wants to achieve a 30% growth in the Netherlands per year.’

Due to the current economic situation, ecommerce has slowed down in the Netherlands. Yet, the French platform is still targeting a 30 percent growth per year. It wants to reach a revenue of 26 million euros in the country by 2026.

Focus on homeware

According to the company, at least 86 percent of its turnover in the Netherlands is generated by sales in the category Homeware. The new website will be focused on interior collections. Other categories are also available, as well as external brands. However, the company will focus its media and recruitment strategies on Homeware.



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