Marketplaces generate 63% of cross-border turnover

Marketplaces generate 63% of cross-border turnover

Last year, the total online cross-border market in Europe generated a turnover of 265 billion euros. At least 63 percent, 167 billion euros, was generated by marketplaces. These data include global cross-border sellers, such as Amazon and AliExpress.

These data come from the fourth edition of the “TOP 100 Cross-Border Marketplaces Europe” from Cross-Border Commerce Europe. The study looks into global online cross-border platforms operating across the European Union, including the United Kingdom.

€167 billion generated by marketplaces

According to the report, these sellers generated a cross-border turnover in Europe of 265 billion euros (excluding travel) last year. And 167 billion euros was generated by marketplaces. Amazon and eBay account for nearly half of the marketplace-driven trade, with an expected combined GMV of 55 billion euros and 23.2 billion euros in 2022.

Marketplaces are expected to generate 65% of cross-border online sales in Europe by 2025.

Marketplaces have grown 9.3 percent after the Covid-19 pandemic. The growth is supported by hybrid B2C and pure C2C marketplaces. By 2025, marketplaces are expected to generate 65 percent of cross-border online sales in Europe.

Top 10 global cross-border marketplaces in Europe

The top 10 global cross-border marketplaces operating in Europe is still largely dominated by marketplaces coming from the United States. Six out of the ten places are filled by these companies.

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