MediaMarkt: third-party sales worth 137 million euros

MediaMarkt: third-party sales worth 137 million euros

MediaMarkt is experiencing substantial growth with its marketplace. In the past fiscal year, third-party revenues more than doubled to 137 million euros. Over the next three years, external trade volume is expected to reach 750 million euros.

This information comes from Ceconomy’s publication of its figures for the fiscal year 2022/2023. The owner of MediaMarkt and Saturn saw a significant increase in revenue, up by 4.7 percent to 22.2 billion euros.

Less online revenue

The growth is attributed to sales in physical electronics stores, which saw a significant uptick post the COVID-19 crisis. However, online revenue dropped below the 5 billion euro mark, which was surpassed in the previous fiscal year. The online revenue share decreased from 25 percent to 23 percent in a year.

Online revenue share decreased from 25 to 23 percent in a year.

Ceconomy expects the online revenue share to grow again in the coming years, reaching approximately 30 percent in the fiscal year 2025/2026. MediaMarkt’s marketplace plays a crucial role in the growth expectations.

External sellers

After various trial phases, MediaMarkt opened its doors to external sellers in its home and top market Germany about two years ago, with Austria and Spain following later. While marketplace sales were 65 million euros in the fiscal year 2021-2022, they reached 72 million euros more in the just-concluded fiscal year, an increase of 111 percent. The GMV reached 137 million euros, and this amount is expected to multiply several times in the next three years.

Marketplace sales grew by 111%

Partner advertisements

Ceconomy speaks of ‘significant momentum’ for its marketplace and expects not only to earn more from external sales but also increasingly from partner advertisements. In the past fiscal year, the company already recorded 18 million euros in revenue from retail media activities.

Retail media is also becoming more important

At the end of September 2023, Media Markt had around 1,100 resellers with a total of 1.4 million products on its platform, several hundred thousand more than a few months earlier. The marketplace is set to be rolled out in the Netherlands and Italy in the new fiscal year.



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