Mobile app store Setapp to launch in Europe

Mobile app store Setapp to launch in Europe

Ukrainian company MacPaw, is planning to launch its iOS app subscription service Setapp in Europe next year. By that time, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) will have come into effect in the European Union. This allows users to install third-party apps on iOS, without using Apple’s App Store.

The European Union is working on the DMA, which is a new set of rules aiming to regulate digital gatekeepers like Google and Facebook. The rules are supposed to create a level playing field. According to the DMA, Apple users should be able to install apps without having to go through Apple’s App Store.

‘Apple is preparing to allow alternative app stores.’

It remains to be seen how Apple will react to the new law. According to a report, the tech company is preparing to allow alternative app stores. However, it is also discussing ideas about how the new system will work. It might require apps to be verified by Apple for a fee.

Mobile app store for iOS devices specifically

MacPaw, which has been making Apple software for the last 15 years, is planning to launch a European version of its app store, called Setapp. It is an app subscription service, where users pay a monthly fee to gain access to more than 240 apps for their Mac devices. Now, it is launching a mobile app store, with apps designed for iOS devices.

‘Setapp already has more than 30 partners who will offer their apps.’

According to the company, is already has more than 30 partners who will offer their apps, like Ulysses, Taskheat, NotePlan, PDFSearch and Soulver. It offers a 70/30 revenue split with developers when customers use their app during the month. Additionally, 20 percent of revenue is shared with developers who bring in new customers. According to Setapp, developers could potentially earn up to 90 percent of the revenue from its user fees every month.

‘Excited to provide platform to app developers’

“With 60 percent of developers interested in distributing their iOS apps through third-party app stores, we are excited to extend our support to iOS-only developers and provide them with a platform to grow users and add revenue streams”, says Oleksandr Kosovan, Founder and CEO of Setapp.



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