NetOnNet is biggest online store in Sweden

NetOnNet is biggest online store in Sweden

When you think about big online stores from Sweden, you can’t ignore H&M and Ikea. But these ecommerce giants aren’t the biggest online shops in Sweden. Last year, NetOnNet was the one with the biggest ecommerce sales in Sweden.

Sweden is home to major (retail) brands such as H&M, Ikea Volvo, ICA, Ericsson, and Spotify. These are all companies that are popular across the globe. But when it comes to popularity within the nation’s borders, you get a different view.

Top 5 biggest online stores in Sweden

Ecommerce in Sweden was worth 8.2 billion euros at the end of 2019 and several big players have heavily contributed to this. EcommerceDB has taken a look at Sweden’s top-selling ecommerce domains and they found the following top 5:

NetOnNet 300.64 million euros 255.56 million euros
Elgiganten 254.07 million euros
Zalando 250.4 million euros
Apoteket 169.46 million euros

And here’s their percentual net sales growth in 2018/2019:

NetOnNet 8% 21%
Elgiganten 11%
Zalando 17%
Apoteket 21%

When you look at this top 5, it’s noticeable that four of them are local brands, as Zalando is from Germany. With online sales of over 3 billion Swedish kronor (300 million euros) in 2019, electronics retailer NetOnNet leads the ranking. Online pharmacy follows on second place, with over 255 million euros an a net growth of 21 percent. Consumer electronics retailer Elgiganten is just behind with 254 million euros, followed by Zalando and another pharmacy, Apoteket.


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