Preferred payment methods in Europe 2021

Preferred payment methods in Europe 2021

Online retailers in Europe need to offer all kinds of payment methods if they want to reach as many customers as possible. Every country has its own preferences. Let’s have a look at the preferred payment methods in Europe in 2021.

There are so many online payment methods in Europe. As an online retailer operating on this continent you don’t need to offer them all at once. But it is however recommended to adapt your checkout page to the country of destination.

Research from Payvision shows that e-wallets are Europe’s preferred payment method when shopping online, as 44 percent of consumers tell they use this. Payments by card are a close second, with 42 percent, followed by PayPal (32 percent).

Preferred payment methods in Europe 2021

Here’s Europe’s choice of payment method when buying online:

1 Digital wallets 44 percent
2 Card 42 percent
3 PayPal 32 percent
4 Local payment method 11 percent
5 Pay on delivery 11 percent
6 Apple/Google/Samsung Pay 3 percent

Payvision has also revealed a list of payment methods preferred in individual countries. On their website they have made a tool to help ecommerce companies deciding on which payment methods to offer their customers in certain countries.

The United Kingdom

1 Visa + Mastercard 50 percent
2 Digital Wallets 44 percent
3 Local bank card 27 percent
4 Direct debit 19 percent
5 Bank transfer 8 percent

According to the research, online shoppers in the United Kingdom average at 2-3 credit and debit cards per person. Among these methods, Visa and Mastercard are the firm favorites.

The Netherlands

1 iDEAL 83 percent
2 Digital Wallets 28 percent
3 Visa + Mastercard 16 percent
4 Virtual cards + e-money 14 percent
5 Bank transfer 13 percent

iDEAL is a bank transfer system that’s covered by all Dutch banks and is used to complete over 60 percent of all ecommerce transactions in the Netherlands. So, basically, you can’t take yourself serious as an online retailer in the Netherlands without offering this payment method!


1 Digital Wallets 53 percent
2 Invoice 42 percent
3 Bank transfer 29 percent
4 Direct debit 21 percent
5 Local bank card 19 percent
6 Vouchers & Gift cards 17 percent
7 Klarna 17 percent

According to Payvision, Amazon Pay is the top method chosen by 21 percent of ecommerce merchants in Germany to add to their payment mix.


1 Bancontact 53 percent
2 Visa + Mastercard 44 percent
3 Digital Wallets 28 percent
4 Maestro 25 percent
5 Mobile banking app 21 percent

Bancontact is a Belgian payment method offered by both local and foreign ecommerce companies. Consumers in Belgium aren’t strangers to international shops, as almost 50 percent of Belgians choose to buy online from merchants based in other EU countries. This shows, for example, in the top 10 online stores in Belgium.


1 Digital Wallets 53 percent
2 Visa + Mastercard 41 percent
3 Pre-paid cards an e-money 40 percent
4 Cash on delivery 15 percent
5 Gift cards + vouchers 10 percent

In Italy, Carta Si is the leader in electronic money, with over 2 billion transactions and 13 million cards in circulation.


1 PayPal 50 percent
2 Debit card 44 percent
3 Credit card 27 percent
4 Cash on delivery 19 percent
5 Virtual cards + e-money 8 percent

For Spanish shoppers, the most important feature of any online payment method is how secure it is. So make sure that when you’re an online retailer looking to expand to Spain, to emphasize – for example, on your checkout page – how secure the offered payment methods are.


1 Digital Wallets 46 percent
2 Visa + Mastercard 44 percent
3 Local bank card 38 percent
4 Bank transfer 8 percent
5 Virtual cards + e-money 7 percent

Almost a quarter of online shoppers in France prefer to shop on an ecommerce website that offers alternative payment methods.

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