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Peek & Cloppenburg opens online store in the Netherlands

Fashion retailer Peek & Cloppenburg will open an online store in the Netherlands later this year. The retailer, which has three physical stores in the Netherlands, is focusing more and more on its online business. One year ago, the company opened its online store in Poland.

Peek & Cloppenburg already announced the upcoming launch of its Dutch online store in December of last year, but back then the company didn’t say when Dutch consumers could exactly expect the opening of the online shop.

Three physical stores in the Netherlands

But now we know more. The Dutch online Peek & Cloppenburg store will go live this fall. The company currently has three physical stores in the Netherlands: in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague. That’s nothing compared to the glory days of ‘P&C’ in the Netherlands, when the fashion retailer had over 60 locations across the Western-European country.

Several stores closed and opened in Europe

In Germany however, Peek & Cloppenburg will close three physical stores: in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Gießen and Unna. And in Bocholt, near the border with the Netherlands, a new warehouse of 5,500 square meters will arise. And in Eastern Europe, the fashion company will open three new stores: two in Romania and one in Croatia. Next year, the launch of a store in Tallinn, Estonia is next. If that happens, Peek & Cloppenburg will be present in sixteen different countries with a total of 120 stores.