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Ecommerce in Romania

Information about ecommerce in RomaniaRomania is a Southeastern European country and the largest in the Balkans. Its main export partners are Germany, Italy and France, while its main import partners are Germany, Italy and Hungary. Romania is the seventh most populous member of the European Union, while its capital, Bucharest, is the sixth largest city in the EU.

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Population 19.94 million people
– % internet users 70%
Online sales €3.6 billion (2018)
Online stores worth mentioning:,,


Ecommerce customers in Romania

According to data from GPeC, the absolute lion’s share of online consumers in Romania (90%) prefer to pay cash-on-delivery. But when it comes to utilities payments, travel, event tickets and other online services, paying using cards is the preferred method. The same study also shows that the average online shopper in Romania is between 25 and 35 yeard old. About 8 in 10 shoppers live in cities.

According to information from the Ecommerce Wiki, 18 percent (1.9 million people) of the online population have bought something online in 2015. In the same year, 1.4 million Romanian online shoppers used a mobile device to complete a purchase, while 850.000 used a mobile shopping app to order something online. The most popular product categories in the Romanian ecommerce industry are consumer electronics, fashion and home & deco. Consumers spent about 140 million euros online on clothes and shoes in 2014, estimates. The average spending per online shopper was 786 euros in 2015, according to the Ecommerce Foundation.

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The ecommerce market in Romania

Romania is one of the bigger ecommerce industries in Southeastern Europe. The ecommerce market was estimated to be worth around 1.4 billion euros in 2015, while it was worth 1.1 billion euros in 2014 and 600 million euros in 2013. However, the share of ecommerce in total retail is still quite low, between 2.2 and 2.5 percent. In 2017, the ecommerce industry of Romania was worth 2.8 billion euros and it’s estimated to be worth 3.92 billion euros at the end of 2018.

Big online stores in Romania

There are approximately 5,000 online stores in Romania, which is 11 procent more than in 2013, when there were about 4500 online shops reported. The biggest online store in Romania is, which expanded into Poland in January 2015. Other big online stores in Romania are Altex, Domo, Flanco and Okazii.

Latest news about Romania

ProfiCircle expands to Germany and Switzerland

ProfiCircle, a B2b marketplace from Romania that sells commercial equipment like pallet racks and industrial mezzanines, is expanding. The startup will launch its marketplace in Germany and Switzerland next month.

Live stream shopping service Oveit wants to raise €450,000

Oveit, an ecommerce tech startup from Romania, aims to raise 450,000 euros through an equity crowdfunding campaign on the local platform SeedBlink. Oveit is known for its live stream shopping service called, which lets retailers sell directly to consumers through live video sessions.

Food Union now delivers in four European countries

Food Union, a dairy production and distribution company from Latvia, has launched an ecommerce distribution service in four markets across Europe. The Riga-based company now delivers ice cream, dairy products, pastry and frozen food to customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Denmark.

Stripe expands to 5 new markets in Europe

Stripe has expanded its payment services in Europe. The American tech company is now generally available in the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Malta. The payments company can now support businesses in 29 countries across Europe.

H&M expands brands to 9 new markets in Europe

H&M Group has announced the online expansion of five of its brands. This month, COS, Weekday, Monki, & Other Stories and Arket will have their collections available online in nine new markets across Europe.

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Last update: June 2019