The average shipping costs in Europe

The average shipping costs in Europe

Shipping costs are one of the most important factors for ecommerce businesses. If you’re an online retailer, it’s important to know how much sending a package will cost you. But the average cost of shipping is different in every country. The 2018 Shipping Price Index shows you what the most expensive countries are for shipping a package.

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The 2018 Shipping Price Index is a study by Sellics that reveals the costs of shipping a 2k package using local express shipping. It examined the costs in 40 different countries, which most of them are in Europe. It looked at the price of shipping a standard package from UPS, DHL and Fedex as well as local shipping companies.

To make things clear, the software provider made a heat map, which can be seen on their website, but it also expressed these numbers as a deviation percentage, which can be seen in the data table below.

Rank Country Average delivery cost in euros by local express shipping
1 Romania 3.20
3 Bulgaria 3.40
4 Turkey 3.89
6 Austria 4.20
7 Latvia 4.91
9 Cyprus 5.15
10 Hungary 5.25
11 Czech Republic 5.46
12 Belgium 5.50
13 Croatia 6.05
14 Slovakia 6.15
16 Russia 7.67
17 Switzerland 7.85
19 Lithuania 8.76
20 Portugal 8.95
22 Estonia 9.26
23 Spain 9.44
24 Poland 9.52
25 Slovenia 10.25
26 Malta 11.50
27 Sweden 11.81
28 Greece 11.98
30 Italy 12.90
31 Denmark 14.75
32 Finland 15.90
33 Ireland 17.90
34 United Kingdom 19.09
36 Germany 20.90
38 France 23.23
39 Netherlands 24.45

Romania cheapest, the Netherlands most expensive

It turns out that Romania is the least expensive country to ship a package by local express. On average, it costs 3.20 euros, which is almost 72 percent cheaper than the study median. The most expensive country in Europe is the Netherlands, where it costs 24.45 euros to send a package by local express. This corresponds to a 114 percent deviation from the median.

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