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These retailers are the biggest AdWords spenders in Sweden

These retailers are the biggest AdWords spenders in Sweden

One of the hardest parts of making an online business successful is getting the marketing right. The most well-known and easy-to-reach channel is probably Google Adwords. However, due to its character the competition is high and thus the channel might be expensive as well. What online stores in Sweden spend a lot on Google Adwords?


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Getting the right traffic might be the hardest part of getting an online business to be successful. There are many possibilities. You can think of affiliate marketing, video marketing, social media or e-mail marketing but the most common online marketing channel is probably still search engine marketing. In other words: spending money on relevant search queries in Google.

It seems it’s all about the conversion
At least, this accounts for online stores. Even though Google dominates the search industry and thus influence the shopping habits of consumers, still the channel is not the main source for the biggest advertisers in general. Car brands such as Volvo and Volkswagen, food or consumer brands such as Unilever, ICA, Arla Foods and Proctor and Gamble are all spending enormous amounts on advertising in Sweden, but are nowhere near the top of the advertisers list when it comes to Google Adwords. On Adwords, it seems it’s all about the conversion, according to research of This website made a list of the 99 biggest advertisers in Sweden based on data from Semrush.

That doesn’t mean Adwords only has small advertisers. Due to its enormous popularity it can be one of the most expensive channels as well, so being on top of every relevant search query is not for everyone. On top are advertisers that have a good chance of making money on every click. Therefore it is dominated by mostly online players. The only exceptions are players that are involved in areas where bidding prices are going to the top. Think of loans, mortgages, online gambling and other finance related products.

If you extract pure ecommerce companies (by this we mean they ship things) you get the following list of advertisers.

Adwords seems to work nicely in an area where keywords can be quite diverse. If you also take in consideration, the companies that don’t just sell goods but also services, then hotel booking sites (,, are among the top advertisers. Ticket services and travel sites conclude the list.