Wildberries launches in France, Italy, and Spain

Wildberries launches in France, Italy, and Spain

Wildberries has launched dedicated ecommerce websites in France, Italy, and Spain. The entry into these markets follows after Wildberries’ launch in Germany last month. The major Russian online retailer is now available in several countries across Europe.

On the 15th of January last month, Wildberries launched in Germany. This marked the first major ecommerce country in Europe where Wildberries opened its digital doors. Previously, it also launched in Poland and other Eastern European markets.

Websites launches in France, Italy, and Spain

Now, the Russian ecommerce giant sets foot in more European countries, by launching Wildberries.fr in France, it.wildberries.eu in Italy, and Wildberries.es in Spain. Customers from these countries can now order fashion, accessories, consumer electronics, books, beauty items, car parts, pet supplies, and more.

Customers can order through dedicated ecommerce websites or by using an iOS or Android app. The website and apps both work in the national languages of these European countries. Wildberries currently offers about 4 million SKU of goods from about 40,000 brands but has already announced that it will offer more different products in the future.

Available in 13 countries

“Today, Wildberries already operates in 13 countries – Russia, Germany, Poland, Israel, Slovakia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and many others”, Vyacheslav Ivashchenko, Director of Development at Wildberries, says. “We offer our customers a wide range of goods from various manufacturers – both well-known global brands and local small businesses – and are open to cooperation with entrepreneurs in all countries.”

Ordered items can be delivered at home or at one of the partner pick-up points. 2,500 of these points are located in France, and 1,900 in Spain. In Italy, only delivery at home is possible at the moment.

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Source: Bloomberg
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