Zalando is delisting brands from platform

Zalando is delisting brands from platform

Ecommerce giant Zalando is streamlining its range. As a result, it will remove products of brands on June 30. After that, the brand will be completely deleted from the platform’s data.

Earlier this month, Zalando released its annual numbers for 2022. Its earnings before interest have decreased 60 percent last year. As a result, the company recently announced that it is cutting hundreds of jobs. Additionally, it will increase its rates for merchants later this year.

Delisting announced in email

Now, the platform has informed various German manufacturer brands that they are no longer part of Zalando’s range strategy. Products of these brands will be removed by June 30th from all marketplaces, after which the brand will be completely deleted from the data.

‘More brands will be affected.’

Brands such as Auden Cavill and Jimmy Sanders will be delisted, but the platform has confirmed that more brands will be affected. It could not quantify exactly how many brands and products will be delisted. “Since this is an ongoing process, we cannot currently provide any information on how many brands this affects”, said a Zalando spokesperson to Internet World.

‘Quality over quantity’

How brands are selected to be delisted is still unclear. The decision seems to be part of the company’s new strategy, which was announced when the company released its annual numbers. “Having an unrivaled selection is good, but what we really want is to offer our customers a relevant and curated selection”, said CEO Robert Gentz in the press conference.

‘We want to offer our customers a relevant and curated selection.’

The company wants to go for quality instead of quantity and brands suspect that Zalando will keep bigger and sustainable brands in its assortment. According to the platform, individual marketplaces will have more say in product listings, making room to include local popular brands. With Zalando’s new strategy, it is highly probable that more brands will receive the same email in the upcoming months.



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