BuyBay launches recommerce software for retailers

BuyBay launches recommerce software for retailers

Dutch recommerce platform BuyBay is launching a SaaS product, using its own recommerce software. Retailers and manufacturers can now resell returned products from their own distribution center. This will reduce their CO2-emission and increase their profit, says the company.

BuyBay is a Dutch company that was founded in 2014. It wants to extend the lifespan of products and promote a circular economy within ecommerce. It processes returned products from online sellers. Then, after checking, cleaning and repairing the products as needed, BuyBay offers the returned goods for sale through various marketplaces. The company handles the sale, shipping and customer service.

In-house software

The company has continued to develop its recommerce software. Now, it has launched its software as a service, called You Grade, so that the recommerce software can be used by retailers and manufacturers in-house.

The software decides where a product will be resold.

When products are returned to an online seller, the software decides on whether it can be resold through the retailer’s own sales channels, or C2C marketplaces, or through BuyBay’s own network of over 1,000 B2B sellers. The software also takes into account repair and recycling options per product.

‘Making reselling more profitable’

“At BuyBay, our mission is to make reselling returns and overstock more profitable and sustainable, so products last longer. With our new SaaS product, customers can be more profitable and sustainable from their own distribution center”, says Machiel Tidddens, CEO.

‘Resale at 80% of original value’

So far, German online seller Contorion has implemented the service at one of Fiege’s distribution centers. Fiege is a third-party logistics provider. According to them, they extended the lifespan of 5,000 products within the first month after the implementation. Contorion was able to resell these products for up to 80 percent of the original value.

Additionally, the online seller was able to prevent 5,5 tons of CO2-emissions with BuyBay’s software. According to BuyBay, this reflects a decrease of 70 percent relative to the industry standard.

‘We believe that collective participation is essential for success.’

“We believe that collective participation is essential for success. Therefore, we look forward to more collaborations with companies to promote the circular economy in Europe”, states Tiddens.



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