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Consumers, from all over the world, love to search. They love to search for products on price comparison shopping sites, but they also just type in the name of the product they like to buy in search engines like Google, Bing or the Russian player Yandex. For a retailer it’s important to get found on such sites, so you have to work proactively on your search engine optimalization. On this page you’ll find news we’ve written about search.

UK ecommerce software PureClarity is SaaS solution of the year


PureClarity, an ecommerce personalization software solution from the United Kingdom, has been announced the SaaS solution of the year at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards. PureClarity won the award for its personalized search product, which presents website visitors the most relevant products as they use the search function. Continue reading

Google adds product ratings to search ads in Europe

Google adds product ratings to search ads in Europe

Product ratings on Google Shopping are now also available for shoppers in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Last year, the product ratings on Product Listing Ads were introduced in the United States, but now select Google users in Europe are also able to make better purchase decisions when shopping online. Continue reading

Google: ‘Mobile-friendly sites will rank higher’

Google on mobile phone

Google is increasingly making websites that offer a true mobile user experience more important, by ranking them higher and highlighting them with a “for mobile” tag in the search results. So your website or online store better be optimized for mobile devices, because you will notice the difference soon. Continue reading

What you should know about search engine Yandex

When you want your online store to succeed in Russia, you surely want it to be shown in search engine results pages. You ought to think Google is your search engine of choice, but when it’s about the Russian market, think again. It’s Yandex that’s the dominant search engine in this country. Check the infographic to see what Yandex can offer you! Continue reading

More European searches for UK retailers

The number of internet searches for UK retailers has increased, mostly thanks to Russian and Dutch consumers. According to research from the British Retail Consortium, in co-operation with Google, the number of overseas consumers searching for UK retailers grew with 23 percent in 2013’s third quarter. Total retail search volumes grew 12 percent in the third quarter of 2013, compared with the same period one year earlier. Continue reading

Price comparison shopping engines in Europe

Price comparison shopping engines in Europe

Price comparison shopping engines are getting more and more popular as customers wants to know where they can buy a particular item for the lowest price. But these comparison engines are also great for retailers. Because it grants you an opportunity to attract new customers. It also can help you with increasing sales and distancing yourself from the competition. Let’s have a look at some big and popular price comparison shopping engines in Europe. Continue reading