Direct Link: ‘Nothing beats events like DELIVER’

Direct Link: ‘Nothing beats events like DELIVER’

On 8 and 9 June, popular ecommerce and logistics event DELIVER will take place in Amsterdam. One of the companies exhibiting there will be Direct Link, a logistics provider. “Nothing beats physical events like this one, as it provides opportunities to get in touch with customers directly”, says Ulrich Hinz, Direct Link Sales Manager in Germany.

Ecommerce event Deliver was founded in 2015 and it is returning to Amsterdam this June. It brings together brands of the retail, ecommerce and logistics industry. The two-day event consists of 30 interactive sessions, 3.500 one-to-one meetings with 4.500 square meters of meeting area. The organizers expect around 1.500 retailers and 120 vendor from 40 countries.

Breaking new ground

Nordic logistics provider Direct Link has announced that it will be exhibiting at the event. The company specializes in customer-specific solutions and distributes products intro 190 countries. It is owned by PostNord and has operations with local personnel in Sweden, Germany, the UK, Poland, Brazil, the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

‘The event is an opportunity to meet with international retailers.’

It recently launched operations in the Netherlands and in Turkey. According to the company, the event is an opportunity to meet with international retailers, which is useful after launching in new European markets. “Participating at Deliver gives us the possibility to be seen as a competitive partner among other companies, while at the same time learning about new players in the market like competitors or possible partners.”

One-to-one meetings

“As part of PostNord it’s important to point out that we know our home turf which are the Nordics and we are excited to show our interview partners what we can do to improve the overall delivery experience for their customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway with our own networks”, says says Ulrich Hinz, Direct Link Sales Manager in Germany. The company will attend the event with a team of different nationalities. “Having a mix of delegates from different countries makes it easier to meet each customer need.”

‘We are excited to show what we can do to improve overall delivery experience of retailers.’

The company will hold several one-to-one meetings. It will define target customers and present services and products to them during those meetings. Visitors who are C and D-level decision makers can now request a VIP invite to meet with DirectLink.

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