Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics launch Weavenn

Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics launch Weavenn

Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics are establishing a joint venture, called Weavenn. The new venture will offer SaaS marketplace technology solutions, as well as logistics. It is set to be operational as of 2024.

The Fnac Darty Group is a well-known French retailer of entertainment and leisure products, consumer electronics and domestic appliances. It has three ecommerce websites and 987 brick-and-mortar stores. According to the group, its revenue was around 8 billion euros in 2022, of which 22 percent was generated online.

Joint venture

The Group has now announced that it has signed an agreement to establish a joint venture with CEVA Logistics, a French logistics provider. It has over 1,300 facilities and ships in 170 countries worldwide. The joint venture is set to be up and running in 2024 and will be called Weavenn.

‘Sellers can use Weavenn to manage marketplaces and their omnichannel delivery.’

The new company will provide an integrated service combining marketplace solutions and logistics for multi-channel distribution. Ecommerce sellers can use the service for management of marketplaces, direct sales to consumers and omnichannel delivery.

‘Ecommerce is a central part of our business’

“With over 1 billion order lines by 2022, ecommerce has become a central part of our logistics business and expertise. By partnering with an industry leader such as Fnac Darty, recognized for the quality of its service to consumers, we can create a fulfillment solution that benefits from the best technological solutions and is capable of supporting the growth of the market, by meeting the requirements of ecommerce sellers in terms of efficiency, accessibility, transparency and visibility”, said Mathieu Friedberg, CEO of CEVA Logistics.

‘The cooperation still needs to be approved by market authorities.’

Weavenn will be a 50-50 joint venture between the two companies. They expect that the cooperation could generate sales of more than 200 million euros in the next five years. The cooperation still needs to be approved by market authorities.



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