Galaxus launches in Austria

Galaxus launches in Austria

Galaxus, a major online department store from Switzerland, launches in Austria today. With a range of half a million products, it will start out as a wide-range store immediately. It wants to be one of the top 5 online retailers in Austria. The company is now active in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

In Switzerland, Galaxus is the largest online department store. In 2018, the company launched in Germany, where it achieved a turnover of 1.7 billion euros last year. And today, Galaxus Austria has launched.

Galaxus to reach top 5 in Austria

“We want to be among the top five online retailers in Austria”, said Florian Teuteberg, CEO at Galaxus. At this point the top 3 online retailers in Austria with a turnover of over 100 million euros each are, and

Galaxus can offer added value compared to Amazon.

Ecommerce consultant and head of Carpathia Alexandra Scherrer, described the top five target of Galaxus as ambitious. “Galaxus, with its community approach and content strategy, can offer real added value compared to Amazon and other marketplaces.”

Launch of website

The company estimates that the new website will gain 100.000 regular customers. With a range consisting of half a million products, in the categories IT and multimedia, erotic toys, household, and beauty and health, it hopes to impress Austrian online shoppers quickly. “Price is only one criterion, albeit an important one. In any case, we are at the forefront with the cheapest online retailers in Austria.”

Galaxus wants to launch marketplace in Germany and Austria soon.

Galaxus hasn’t acquired a warehouse in Austria yet, for now customers will be served from the German warehouse in Krefeld. Within Switzerland, Galaxus has a marketplace platform where sellers can advertise their products. To quickly expand the product range and audience reach in Austria, the company wants to activate the marketplace there on the short term. At the same time, the marketplace will be launched in Germany as well.



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