HelloFresh introduces ready-to-eat service Factor to Europe

HelloFresh introduces ready-to-eat service Factor to Europe

HelloFresh Group has expanded its ready-to-eat brand, Factor, to the Netherlands and the Flanders region in Belgium. Other countries on the continent will follow suit. “Bringing Factor to Europe is a significant stride in HelloFresh’s multi-tier brand strategy.”

HelloFresh has targeted the ready-to-eat segment to broaden its overall addressable market. A few years back, the German company acquired the American enterprise Factor, known for its delivery of freshly prepared meals.

HelloFresh states that Factor now commands a market share of no less than 60 percent in the United States. Earlier this year, the service made its debut in Canada, and now it is extending its reach even further.

Factor launches in the Netherlands and Belgium

“The launch in Europe is a key milestone for HelloFresh’s growth strategy following the successful establishment and expansion in North America”, notes the parent company in a press release. The decision to launch in the Netherlands and Belgium stems from the high adoption rate of ecommerce food solutions and the strong consumer preference for convenience there.

‘A key milestone for HelloFresh’s growth strategy’

Factor customers receive their meals fresh and they remain viable for a week when stored in the refrigerator. These meals are curated by chefs and dietitians based on customer needs research. Factor offers a selection of 12 fresh meals per week, suitable for both lunch and dinner. Similar to HelloFresh, Factor operates through a subscription model, allowing customers to pause, modify, or cancel at any time.

Convenience without compromise

“We are looking forward to unlocking new customer segments in Europe as we expect ready-to-eat to significantly contribute to our growth in the coming years”, remarks Thomas Griesel, co-founder and CEO of HelloFresh. He further adds:

‘Factor meals offer convenience without compromising on nutrition, freshness, or taste.’

Rolling out this new service in Europe is the next logical step for HelloFresh’s journey toward becoming an integrated food solutions group. This move is also highlighted as a substantial stride in HelloFresh’s multi-tier brand strategy, which opens up new customer segments. Just last year, HelloFresh introduced its Green Chef meal box service in the Netherlands, catering to health-conscious consumers with specific dietary preferences.



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