Huboo to launch in Germany

Huboo to launch in Germany

Ecommerce fulfillment company Huboo is planning to launch in Germany. The expansion follows a launch in the Netherlands last year. The company was founded in the UK and is also active in Spain.

Active in Europe

Huboo was founded in 2017 in Bristol, in the United Kingdom. It currently has warehouses in the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. With its fulfillment center network and the use of domestic and international couriers, Huboo is able to ship parcels globally. The fulfillment company originally specialized in SMEs, but its services are now used by companies of all sizes.

‘We work with startups, to SMEs and enterprise clients.’

“Fulfillment has typically been a complex solution, however by making it cost effective and easy to get started, we open doors for sellers of all sizes to use our services. We work with small startups, to SMEs and enterprise clients given how scalable our model is”, says Roeland Van Duifhuizen, Regional Sales Manager at Huboo.

Planned expansions

The company will soon start operations in Leipzig, Germany. The new warehouse there will bring the company’s total warehouse space to 378,000 square meters. According to the company, the new location will enable clients to utilize the opportunities that ecommerce in Germany presents.

‘Expansion is our main focus this year.’

A year ago, the company expanded to the Netherlands with a warehouse in Veldhoven, it wants to use that location as a hub for the Benelux. But the company has more plans for expansion this year. “Expansion is our main focus this year, along with growing our existing operations in markets like the UK and Spain. We have recently opened our biggest fulfillment center in Chippenham. Plenty more will follow soon.”

Hub Model warehouses

The ecommerce fulfillment market is a busy one, there are many fulfillment companies operating in Europe. Sellers who use Huboo can take advantage of the company’s Hub Model. Warehouses are broken down into micro-warehouses called Hubs. “These Hubs are managed by a dedicated team who look after a small number of brands, acting as an extension of their team. The model is scalable, so as our customer’s business grows, so does the Hub.”

According to the company, this model saves time as warehouse workers do not need to find products spread out all over the warehouse. Order picking and packing is quicker. Customers can have Hubs in multiple Huboo warehouses, so that orders in multiple territories can be fulfilled at once.



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