iBood launches in France

iBood launches in France

Dutch discount platform iBood is expanding into a new European market, France. The platform is already active in four other markets, in addition to its home country. It will now provide daily discount deals to French customers.

Online platform iBood was launched in 2005, in the Netherlands. It showcases a temporary selection of products at discounted prices every day, as it calls itself ‘internet’s Best Online Offer Daily’. According to the platform, it has millions of loyal customers. In 2015, MediaMarkt acquired a majority share in the online platform.

Now active in 6 markets

Since its launch, the platform has expanded into the Belgium, Germany, Poland and Austria. Now, it is announcing a launch in France. “Our success is a result of our passion for finding bargains and our commitment to delivering the best deals. With our expansion into France, we aim to bring our expertise to the French market”, said Jöran Prinssen, founder and CEO.

‘In the future, iBood wants to expand into more European markets.’

French customers can now see localized deals on the website. The company will launch marketing campaigns in the upcoming months, to build brand awareness and gain trust of consumers. In the future, the platform wants to expand into more markets in Europe. However, it has not announced when and where yet.



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