Mobile accounts for 64% of Swedish ecommerce traffic

Mobile accounts for 64% of Swedish ecommerce traffic

The mobile phone and the tablet account for two thirds of all ecommerce visits in Sweden. Already in 2015, the share of ecommerce visits that took place on a mobile device, i.e. a mobile phone or tablet, was up over 50 percent. And during the last two years, the same shift occurred for orders and revenues coming from mobile devices.


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And now, the mobile device accounts for 64 percent of ecommerce traffic in Sweden, research from eHandel shows. “It’s the smartphones that account for the big growth, regardless of whether you look at revenue, orders or visits”, the Swedish website writes.

Desktop visits: 27% in 2018

“We can now state that 2018 will be the year when the share of ecommerce visits via desktop appears to be below 30 percent for the first time ever.” Last year, 32 percent of visits to Swedish ecommerce websites came from a desktop computer, the research shows. Analyst Joakim Andersen thinks this share will decrease to about 27 percent this year.

And while the percentage of visits from desktop and tablet is expected to decline, ecommerce visits via smartphones are expected to reach 64 percent this year. In comparison, smartphones accounted for only 41 percent of visits in 2015.

Share of ecommerce visits, per device.

48% of revenue from smartphone

A similar development can be seen when it comes to revenue: mobile devices (so both smartphones and tablets) are expected to account for over half (close to 60 percent) of all ecommerce revenue. “The smartphone alone, can account for almost half (48 percent) of revenue”, Andersen emphasizes.

Share of ecommerce revenue, per device.

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