The top 10 online stores in Belgium

The top 10 of largest online stores in Belgium are being dominated by foreign players. The entire top five is filled with Dutch, German and American online stores. The first Belgian ecommerce company can be found on the sixth place.

This is shown by the very first edition of the Belgian version of Twinkle100, a list which features the 100 biggest online stores. In the Netherlands, this annual overview has been published for quite some time now and starting this year, the Belgian website of Twinkle will now make a similar overview of the Belgian ecommerce industry.

The Belgian Twinkle100 consists of a hundred ecommerce companies which have their own online store, organized according to their online turnover in Belgium. The top ten consists of no less than 60 percent of foreign players. That percentage is even higher when we look at the entire top 100: in that case, 72 percent of all online stores aren’t from Belgium originally.

The top 10 largest online stores in Belgium

The biggest online store is Amazon, which achieved an estimated online turnover of 288 million euros in Belgium last year. It’s mostly Walloon consumers who shop here, although an increasing number of Flemings find their way to this well-known ecommerce player.

Coolblue finished on the second place, with an online revenue of 242 million which it generated in Belgium last year. About 28 percent of the total turnover of this Dutch omnichannel player was earned in Belgium. On the third place, we find another Dutch company: The Ahold company is estimated to have generated online revenue worth 220 million euros in Belgium in 2016.

1 Amazon
2 Coolblue
4 Zalando
5 MediaMarkt
7 Colruyt Group
8 Unigro
9 Vanden Borre
10 H & M